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baby-gownI’m not one to mess with fate, but when my husband and I were discussing an addition to our family we both skirted around the issue of a baby girl, even though it was on both of our minds. We already had two darling little boys. One was 5 at the time, and his younger brother was 3. Trying for another baby was something we both wanted, but more than that we really wanted a beautiful little daughter we could spoil.

After our first son was born, I tried everything and anything suggested to conceive a baby girl. Once I found out I was pregnant I carefully watched for anything that was different in this pregnancy compared to the last. People would comment that I was carrying my second baby more in the front whereas with our son, I had gotten big all over.I was so convinced I was having a daughter that I didn’t even ask the doctor to tell us during the sonogram.

I was wrong.

I don’t regret for a moment the birth of our second son. He’s a joy. I still longed for a daughter though.

Trying one more time was something both my husband and I wanted but we knew that if we did we’d do our best to try for a girl. We both researched all the suggested methods and then one night my husband found the answer to our prayers.

We tried this and just a year later our daughter was born. It’s guaranteed and it works. Our little girl is proof.



Suggestions Given to Me

How Others Said I Could Have a Girl


Right before I conceived our second son everyone in our lives was offering their suggestions as to how we could have a Sidebox-Baby-Doesn't-Clittle girl. I admit that I tried a few of them, and was completely convinced that they all made sense.

Here’s a list of things I tried in my attempt to have a newborn daughter:

Eat lots of vegetables and fish. Although this by itself may not increase your chances of having a baby girl, it’s a good suggestion for any woman trying to become pregnant. Eating a well balanced diet is imperative for a healthy pregnancy.

Eat lots of chocolate. Dark chocolate is a good treat once in a while, but the calories and caffeine in chocolate aren’t what an almost pregnant woman need. If you have to indulge, each a small piece of dark chocolate infrequently.

Try and conceive in the afternoon. This piece of advice was one that my husband particularly enjoyed. It meant he could sneak out of work and have the excuse that it was part of our mission to have a baby girl.

The man should sleep on the left. This one was puzzling, yet comical. My husband and I chuckled about it since he had always slept on my left.

We knew there had to be honest, straightforward and proven advice for how to greatly increase our chances of having a little girl. We found it and we believe it’s the reason we now have a daughter.



How I Got the Daughter I Longed For

Use This – It’s Guaranteed!


guarantee_4If you are anything like me you love all your children exactly the same. You can’t imagine your life without any of them. That’s how I felt after my sons were born. I knew that regardless if I had a son or a daughter the third time, that I’d fall in love with him or her instantly again.

Increasing my chances of having a daughter was important to me though.I was so blessed to have two sons and I knew that my life would feel complete if I could be the mother of a little girl as well. It would not only enrich the lives of my husband and I, but our two sons would be wonderful big brothers to their little sister.

I found this product after a friend recommended it.GenderBaby3_300

I was skeptical. I’d tried so many things before my second pregnancy, that I was wary of anything that claimed it could guarantee me a daughter. It did.

The difference between How to Conceive the Gender of Your Choice and the other things I tired previously was that it approached conception differently. It wasn’t simply suggesting one thing to do, but several in tandem.

I followed the wonderful advice in the book and I felt confident after we conceived. The doctor confirmed that we were going to have a daughter during the sonogram.

This is truly a must have for anyone who wants a son or daughter to add to their family.

Learn what you need to do today to have a beautiful newborn girl or boy.


What is Embryo Medical Selection?

The Cost and The Controversy


One of the first things my husband and I did after we had our second son was talk about trying again. We loved both our boys but we very much wanted a little girl as an addition to our family. I had heard about medical embryo selection from a co-worker and at the time, it seemed like the best possible approach for us.


We soon realized that medical embryo selection wasn’t for us.

The main drawback was the cost. It’s an expensive procedure and the results are not guaranteed. We could only imagine the pain and joy we’d feel if we conceived another son. We’d love him of course, but with his birth, our chances of having a beautiful little girl would be gone.

We knew there had to be a more natural and inexpensive approach to picking our baby’s gender.

We found it. It worked for us. Whether you want a son or a daughter it will work for you too. It’s guaranteed.


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